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Interview d'Emmanuel Cloërec, directeur d'EOL Commerce - Expo real 2018

Emmanuel CLOËREC
Directeur associé / Associate director

EOL is a leading professional services company specialized in commercial real estate.
Present in Paris and in France via 4 offices (Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux), its 60 employees complete nearly 300 transactions each year. Also, EOL spearheads the creation of IRELS (International Real Estate Logistics Solutions), a network of recognized specialists in logistics real estate, settled in Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and in Slovakia.
EOL is a major player in property logistics, with a market share in excess of 20% in the XXL buildings sector.
In the retail sector, EOL advised landlords and developers over 600,000 m² of retail assets and retail parks. 

How is the EOL investment team organized?
EOL takes advantage of its very flexible structure, which is continuously adapting to the market. The EOL investment department is not isolated from the other departments, but rather operates in perfect harmony with the leasing and development team. EOL’s objective is to continuously deliver an enhanced added value to their clients, by adopting a highly technical approach to the business. To reach this aim, the department of investment operations is lead by a team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge and an impeccable grasp of the retail sector and the industrial property and logistics markets.

What are your most recent operations?
In terms of sales consultancy operations, we recently finalized the disposal of a portfolio of 47 retail buildings sited throughout France, to a total value in excess of 90 million euros, and the sale of a retail park with a floor area of 20,000 m² in eastern Paris. We also intervened in the sale of portfolio of 3 logistics buildings
(76,000 m²) near Marseille (South of France) and 5 businesses parks in the region of Paris. 

Source : Magazine Club France / Expo Real
Date : Octobre 2018
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