Aosom-MH France rents a 46,500 sqm platform

On 2 November, Aosom France will open its third logistics warehouse in the Centre-Val de Loire in a year. This French subsidiary of a Chinese group intends to recruit 100 people in Artenay.
The 46,500 square metre warehouse was built last May.

Aosom France, advised by EOL, a specialist in logistics real estate, will receive its first containers there on 2 November, and plans to recruit around a hundred people on permanent contracts, plus around forty temporary staff,as it grows.
And the growth of this importer of furniture, sold online, is dazzling.
Last year it grew by 110%," says Emmanuel Bénichou, Managing Director of Aosom France, "thanks to the boom in e-commerce due to the confines of the store. The increase should follow the same trend this year.

Source: La république du Centre, Immoweek
: 17/10/2021
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